Tyler Bailey for City Council At-Large

    “Columbia’s future is too important and bright to put it in the hands of someone seeking power or pushing a narrow agenda. I am beholden to no one except the people of Columbia. As your at-large council member, I will work to empower people, businesses, and communities, not to grab power or use it as a stepping stone to higher office. Let’s lock arms, stand together, and focus on our city’s future.”                                                                                                   -Tyler Bailey


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    Tyler, 34, is a lawyer and a small business owner. He and his wife, Allyce, live in the Elmwood Park neighborhood with their two young sons. Tyler is a graduate of Hammond High School, Hampton University, and Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Earlier this year, he was honored during the National Bar Association’s (NBA’s) renowned 40 Under 40 Awards Gala.  This prestigious award recognizes the nation’s top 40 lawyers under 40 who exemplify a broad range of high legal achievements in the legal profession, including advocacy, innovation, vision, leadership, and overall legal and community involvement.

    • Community Service Greater Columbia Community Relations Council,
    • Board of Directors (2023 to 2024 Board Chair)
    • One Columbia for Arts and Culture, Board of Directors (2023-2024 Board Chair)
    • Hammond School Alumni Council, Member
    • Sistercare, Board of Directors
    • Wylie Kennedy Foundation, Board of Directors
    • South Carolina Association for Justice, Board of Governors
    • South Carolina Black Lawyers Association, Member



    Tyler will be a strong advocate for neighborhoods. He will listen for understanding and act for change. He will work to protect our neighborhoods and ensure living and raising a family isn’t harder or more costly than it ought to be due to a lack of opportunity, poor infrastructure, affordable housing challenges, or other issues. By enforcing current laws, he will work with neighborhood groups and city leaders to ensure that communities are clean and livable. When people know their leaders and city care, they, too, will care.

    Safety and Security

    People deserve to feel safe where they live, work and play. Tyler will not be afraid to confront crime, including the escalating gun violence claiming too many young lives in our communities. He will seek solutions through inclusion, not exclusion. He will provide a listening ear that seeks understanding and a clear voice that speaks truth to power with fairness and justice as guiding principles. He will advocate for improved security in areas long neglected, and he pledges more outreach to youth, more robust support for law enforcement, engaging residents, and strengthening the relationship between police and neighborhoods.

    Business Development

    Tyler desires to help strengthen the city’s economy by supporting entrepreneurship, empowering small businesses, promoting “smart” growth that fosters intentional development, and creating opportunities to retain and attract our best and brightest.

    Quality of Life

    Tyler is willing to have hard conversations about the unique challenges and responsibilities of helping those who face homelessness while addressing the concerns of both business and property owners. Instead of continuing to kick the can down the road, he wants to find “a real but compassionate solution.”

    Tyler will also work to bolster people, programs, and organizations that will strengthen cultural activity, build community, and attract creative minds that spark thought and new growth.

    Additionally, Tyler is conscious of our need to do more to care for Columbia’s natural resources, enhance economic development, and promote tourism.  He will advocate for the efficient use of water resources, strategic land conservation, and clean energy. He will support safe and clean parks, access to riverfront walking, and enhancing our bike paths and walking trails.


    Leadership. Service. Values.

    Tyler Bailey for the City of Columbia   |   City Council-At-Large

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    Why Am I Running?

    I’m running for Columbia City Council At-Large because this entire city is my community, and I’m ready to step up to lead our city into its next chapter by serving as a bridge builder who unites us, so we can collectively help Columbia be the city you and I know she can be.

    Columbia has seen encouraging signs of economic growth and business investment.  But far too many of our neighborhoods have been left behind, and communities are still being neglected.

    We are the capital city, and we have the talent and resources to be the number one city in South Carolina! For Columbia to move forward, we must do so together. There is no “us versus them.” We’re a community.  When one hurts, we all hurt.

    We can address our infrastructure needs and support initiatives for attainable housing while also improving the livability of our city by supporting the arts and making sure Columbia is a vibrant city in which to live and play.

    We can empower our small business owners and entrepreneurs, who are the lifeblood of our great city, while also supporting law enforcement and taking a transformative approach to public safety, a process that will help ease the burden on our police department by addressing the mental health care needs of our most vulnerable and support other programs and resources that will make our communities safe.

    Columbia is my home, and this city is my community!  I have always believed that the possibilities are endless for Columbia, and this can indeed be a great city to live, work, play, raise a family, and worship.

    My father grew up in government-assisted housing, and if it weren’t for a community that banded together, he would have been another statistic rather than defying the odds to be the first in his family to graduate from college, changing the trajectory of his life and mine.

    I am convinced that Columbia’s heart and soul are our great people and beautiful neighborhoods.  That is why it is imperative for City Council always to remember to keep our people first and foremost while striving for continued growth and business investment. We can do both!

    I look forward to earning your support and serving you as your next Councilman At-Large.

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